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Phaser Marketing is your outsourced digital marketing team for your business. Have more time to focus on what you do best.

How We Can Help You

You never want to build a skyscraper on a weak foundation. In the first phase, we will go through everything and make the necessary adjustments. Our team will start by performing an SEO audit, design updates, social media audit, creating analytics reports, and building your new marketing plan. We will make sure we set a solid foundation for your small business.

Once we have set a great foundation, we move into the growth phase. In this phase, we focus on growing your social media following, increasing brand awareness, running digital ad campaigns, and driving web traffic. Social media promotions, SEO strategy, and overall brand management are very important as we grow your business. We want to make the marketing plan easy for you to understand.

After seeing some growth in your brand, we want to focus on dominating your market. This will include everything from the previous phases along with an aggressive advertising strategy. In this phase, we will make sure all eyes are on your business. It takes time and hard work to get to this point, but that’s why we will walk WITH you. Get started here!

It's Simple.

We Are Your New Marketing Team.

We work in marketing every day. Let us help you focus on growing your business so you can stop wasting your time figuring out digital marketing yourself.

At Phaser, we are your full-time digital marketing team that stays with you. We will revitalize your marketing efforts by creating a plan, and executing on your behalf.

Leave it to us to concentrate on the digital marketing and you can do what you’re best at. We will walk you through the phases to ensure your business reaches the next level. It’s time to give your business and your brand, the resources you deserve!

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Phaser Marketing was started by Luke Eggebraaten on October 24, 2019. Luke is originally from Detroit Lakes, MN and lived in Omaha, NE from 2018-2021. Luke and his wife Olivia now live in Arizona where they are loving the winters with no snow!

When you partner with us, we have a full team that develops and executes a digital marketing plan for you. Social media management, graphic design, SEO, web design, analytics, you name it, we do it all. We are designed to keep it SIMPLE for your business.

Easy! Just head to the Contact Us form on our website and let us know you are interested in learning more. We will get back to you go through some questions to see if you are a good candidate to bring on our team!

There are three criteria we typically look for in our potential clients.

  1. They want to invest in their brand and see the long-term advantages of working with us.
  2. They’re not afraid to cut a check. We want to work with clients who can afford our monthly fee, without worrying about it every day. This helps with the long-term partnership and commitment.
  3. They’re terrible at digital marketing. Let’s be honest, we want to add value. The stuff we do isn’t magic, so we want to make sure that our clients will benefit from partnering with us.

Super simple. Our integrated marketing service is one fee that is billed on the first of every month. This can be set up on auto-pay so you can waste less time thinking about it. We don’t nickel and dime our clients, pay each month and let’s focus on getting work DONE! Click to get started.

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