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Our Phase One program, primarily designed to cater to 6-figure companies looking to establish a dominant online presence. However, we understand the significance of digital marketing for businesses of all revenue levels. 

Our Phase Two program, the backbone of our expertise, is perfectly tailored for excavation companies generating yearly revenue between 1 to 10 million dollars. Like our 7-figure contractor partners, we are at our best in this space.

Phase Three is reserved for companies doing 10-100M in yearly revenue.

As we’ve grown, we realized that our partnership and services are effective in this range.

It's Simple.

We do Digital Marketing for Businesses in the Dirt World.

At Phaser, we are your full-time digital marketing team that stays with you. We will revitalize your marketing efforts by creating a plan, and executing on your behalf. This is a long-term partnership, so buckle-up, you’re going to get to know us pretty well.

Leave it to us to concentrate on the digital marketing and you can do what you’re best at. We will walk you through the phases to ensure your construction company reaches the next level. It’s time to give your business and your brand, the resources you deserve!

Based on 64 reviews
Matt Study
Matt Study
My Excavation business has been teamed up with Phaser for about 5 months now and the experience has been top notch. Our website got a complete overhaul with as much input from myself as I wanted to interject. Our google results keep on getting better as well! The service is awesome but the people you’ll work with may be even better! Thanks to Luke and the team. A supporting asset and a friend.
John Dannenbring
John Dannenbring
I haven’t used Mr. Eggebraaten for marketing purposes, as I do not own an excavation company, but he did speak at a University Personal Finance class that I teach. We quickly saw his passion and knowledge for marketing. He was able to turn situations he faced into applicable life lessons for the students, in addition to motivating them to dream big. Indeed, not only did numerous students comment on how much they learned, one student shared he was going to pursue entrepreneurship upon graduation because of Luke. I highly recommend whatever Luke touches.
Sales Team
Sales Team
The Phaser team is top of the class! I work in sales for a construction company called Blackstone and because of this I have worked directly with Luke and his team. Luke and his team are very responsive and informative. They handle their work with great diligence and professionalism. They often discuss strategies and perforce with me which, surprisingly, is hard to find in marketing. They don't just look at the market as a whole they look deeply into your business, where you're at and where you're headed in order to create the most logical strategy for your company. I couldn't say more good thing about the Phaser team. If you're ever in the position to work with Phaser Marketing I highly recommend you jump at the opportunity.
Jacob Emond
Jacob Emond
Luke and his team are some of the kindest and most responsive people I’ve dealt with. Their creativity and problem solving is unmatched. It’s not every day that business interactions leave me genuinely satisfied but Phaser exceeds my expectations every time. The construction industry truly is a better place with Phaser Marketing in it.
Brian Andronaco
Brian Andronaco
5 stars isn’t even close to enough for a review of Phaser Marketing. Luke and his rockstar team are on point. We signed on with Phaser earlier this year and have gotten roughly 140 new customers among countless compliments of our website. Most of which I can hands down say is due to the fact that Phaser completely re-designed our website and manages our Google SEO. It’s unreal how after just 6 months, we have sky rocketed in google searches and our keywords are being used exactly how we planned, in our preferred areas. We are a small family owned and operated septic business and Phaser has not once ever pushed us to a different direction; just capitalize on what we have. Their dedication, responsiveness, loyalty and drive to help you succeed is unreal. The whole team is dedicated to learning your trade/craft; all so they can deliver an unbeatable product. If I can give you any advice: Don’t look anywhere else than Luke and his team at Phaser Marketing if you want to succeed. Go shop around and talk to different companies. You will go right back to Phaser and be sorry you didn’t start sooner. We’re 8 months in and I can’t wait to see what our future holds while we’re PARTNERED with Phaser. If anyone needs further info or wants to chat via phone etc.; hit me up on IG @andersons.septic. -Brian
Erik Struebig
Erik Struebig
From the get go Luke and his amazing team knocked this out of the park. From having no real idea what I wanted in a logo, to having some ideas thrown my way to coming to a refined image that represented me and the message I want to convey. Hats off to the whole crew at Phaser!
Tyyler Lagestee
Tyyler Lagestee
These guys made the process of having a website built as seem-less as possible. The organization, commitment and execution on the project from start to finish allowed me to continue to focus on running my business day to day while they handled all the behind the scenes!
Morgan Fehn
Morgan Fehn
I've been working with Phaser for about a year now. The team has elevated our marketing from creating graphics and designing business cards to updating our website. They are efficient when responding to questions and give an accurate timeline when working on projects. They are a great resource for navigating though the many facets of technology and helping our business stay current.
Billy Brown
Billy Brown
Phaser are easy to work with and on top of everything. I had to beg the last company I had to do anything. Phaser calls regularly to check in.

Stop Wasting Your Time

We work in digital marketing every day. Let us help you focus on growing your business so you can stop wasting your time figuring out digital marketing yourself.

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Phaser's FAQ

When you partner with Phaser Marketing, you gain access to our dedicated team that develops and executes a comprehensive digital marketing plan tailored to your needs. Specializing in the Dirt World, we work closely with Excavation companies daily. Our services include graphic design, SEO, web design, analytics, and more – all under one roof. We prioritize simplicity to streamline your marketing efforts effectively.

Phaser Marketing was started by Luke Eggebraaten on October 24, 2019. Luke is originally from Detroit Lakes, MN and lived in Omaha, NE from 2018-2021. Luke and his wife Olivia now live in Arizona where they are loving the winters with no snow!

Easy! Just head to the Contact form on our website and let us know you are interested in learning more. Also, you can take a look at Black Iron Dirt since we have been partnered with them since April 2020. Let’s do this thing!!

We work with companies in the Dirt World.

There are three criteria we typically look for in our potential clients.

  1. They want to invest in their brand and see the long-term advantages of working with us.
  2. They’re not afraid to cut a check. We want to work with clients who can afford our monthly fee, without worrying about it every day. This helps with the long-term partnership and commitment.
  3. They’re terrible at digital marketing. Let’s be honest, we want to add value. The stuff we do isn’t magic, so we want to make sure that our clients will benefit from partnering with us.

Super simple. Our integrated marketing service is one fee billed on the first of every month. This can be set up on auto-pay, so you can waste less time thinking about it. We don’t nickel and dime our clients, pay each month, and let’s focus on getting work DONE!