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Ben Ellefson celebrating with Vikings teammates

Phaser Marketing brings on MN Vikings TE Ben Ellefson as Phaser Athlete

October 13, 2021: Phaser Marketing is pleased to announce that the company has recently partnered with Minnesota Vikings tight end, Ben Ellefson, as a sponsored Phaser Athlete. Ben was playing with the Jacksonville Jaguars last year but was brought back home to play for Minnesota this September (On his birthday of all days). Ellefson played his college football at NDSU in Fargo, ND, not too far from his hometown of Hawley, MN. 

The two sides were eager to work with each other and are excited to take a step forward in this partnership. When asked about the partnership, Ben said, “I would say the biggest thing that I’m looking forward to learning is how to brand myself, being exposed to more marketing channels, and to see how Phaser does business on the other side of the spectrum, compared to just being an athlete”.

“Ben is such a great guy and I am pumped that we got this in the works now. I love these win-win scenarios where you do your best to help each other and have a ton of fun doing it.” stated Luke Eggebraaten, Managing Partner of Phaser Marketing.

Ben Ellefson TE at NDSU in Fargo, ND
Ben Ellefson - 2019 - Photo from

Phaser Marketing will be supporting Ben in various ways as a Phaser Athlete. “We will have our digital marketing team available to Ben if he ever needs graphic design help, digital strategy questions, and other resources we can provide. Of course, we’ll be sending him our PM Merch, as well as other surprises from local businesses.” stated Luke.

The NFL tight end was also equally excited to work with Phaser Marketing. He was then asked how this deal even came up in the first place. 

“I think this deal really started back in January when I got together with Luke and his wife Olivia for a long weekend at Universal Studios in Orlando. We talked about potentially doing some work in the future together, talked about other opportunities I’ve had, and really just throwing around ideas of how we could maybe get creative and put something together. Then, Luke reached out more recently to propose the idea to become a Phaser Athlete and open more doors for other sponsors. After talking with my agent, we thought it was a great opportunity and decided to move forward!”, said Ben.

Ellefson Jaguars
2020 - Photo from

After the the interview questions were about over, Luke threw one more in for good measure. He asked Ben, “Who’s the 2 state champion in the card game, speed?”

Reluctantly, Ben replied, “I will admit, Luke is currently the two state champion in the game of speed, coming back from the losers bracket might I add. I’ve been practicing my skills and looking forward to the next opportunity to apply what I have learned since then. So watch out.” A chilling response. 

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