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Who We Are

Phaser Marketing specializes in helping businesses in the Dirt World grow their brand with a well-rounded marketing team. They work together seamlessly to make digital marketing simple and take that stress off your plate. The team started with Luke and has since grown into a solid team of consistent contractors that each bring impressive talents to the table. Let’s meet the team!

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Luke Eggebraaten


Luke is the Founder of Phaser Marketing and leads the marketing strategy. He is from Detroit Lakes, MN but currently resides in Gilbert, AZ with his wife, Olivia. Luke is a serial dirt entrepreneur and in addition to Phaser he started the sister company Dirt Work Marketing, is a co-host of the Dirt Bags Podcast, a board member of the Crew Collaborative, and is an author of the book "The Digital Dirt World".

“My favorite part about Phaser is the relationships we get to build with men and women in the construction industry. We have the incredible opportunity to meet some amazing people from all over the world.”

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Olivia Eggebraaten

Creative Advisor

Olivia is the Creative Advisor on the Phaser Marketing Team. Married to Luke, she is from Hawley, MN, but lived in Nebraska for the last several years. She now works in Talent Development at Carvana, located in Arizona. One time she crashed a motorbike while in Bali and earned seventeen stitches from the ordeal.

“My favorite thing about working for Phaser is getting to solve problems and help our amazing clients!”

Meet the Phaser Brandon

Brandon Bradbury

Podcast Producer & Graphic Designer

Brandon is our graphic designer for Phaser Marketing and podcast producer for our Dirt Bags Podcast. He is from Knoxville, Tennessee. Brandon has received an associate's degree in Video Production/Graphics and is now working towards his Bachelor's at Full Sail University. If he's not editing, you can find him either playing guitar or woodworking. Currently, he is working on building a tiny home that is just over 300 square feet.

“Aside from getting to do my favorite thing (graphic design and video editing) at Phaser Marketing, I really enjoy our team dynamic! And Luke is genuinely the greatest boss.”

Josie Sandford

Director of Operations

Josie Sandford is Phaser's Director of Operations and is from Minnetonka, Minnesota. Josie received her degree in marketing and entrepreneurship from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Fun fact: she loves to explore the outdoors and her goal is to hike in all 50 states!

“Working at Phaser is an exhilarating journey, igniting my creativity and constantly pushing me to explore new boundaries. It is incredibly rewarding to create a meaningful impact and witness remarkable transformations for our clients!”

Pictured is a Patrick Kuhl, a Phaser Marketing team member that helps build websites for construction companies

Patrick Kuhl

Web Designer

Patrick is a Web Designer at Phaser Marketing based in Scottsdale Arizona. He has over 5 years of professional web design experience and is passionate about HTML/CSS coding. Patrick's passions outside of work are traveling the world, attending festivals of all kinds, and all types of gaming from computer to board games.

“Working at Phaser Marketing allows me to expand my website knowledge and work on many different projects that I would have never seen otherwise. Even with being fully remote I feel valued by the team and that we all work together to help best serve our clients.”

Olivia Ryerson | Digital Campaign Manager | Phaser Marketing

Olivia Ryerson

Digital Campaign Manager

Olivia is a Campaign Manager at Phaser Marketing. She’s originally from Oregon but recently relocated to Scottsdale, AZ! Olivia received her bachelors degree in Advertising and Design at Portland State University. In her free time she enjoys hiking, playing golf and trying new restaurants!

“I love helping our clients grow and reach their business goals! It’s also been fun working with the Phaser team! Everyone is super talented and always bringing great ideas to the table.”

Gracie Walters | WordPress Web Designer | Phaser Marketing

Gracie Walters

Web Designer

Gracie Works at Phaser Marketing as a web designer. Gracie has her bachelor's in computer science/web design. Gracie has over 8 years of experience as a web designer. In her free time, Gracie loves to spend time with her family and she loves working on paint by numbers.

“My favorite part of working with Phaser Marketing is working with a boss that is as passionate about providing each client a unique experience as I am providing it.”

Hailey Budke

Digital Marketing Specialist

Hailey is a Digital Marketing Specialist and is from Fergus Falls, Minnesota. She graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato with a degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. She enjoys exploring the beautiful Greater Minnesota, especially the lakes.

“My favorite part of working for Phaser is the ability to express creativity while working with a team of so many talents. Another great part is being able to work from anywhere!”

Meet the Team | Lucy Martin | Phaser Marketing

Lucy Martin

Digital Marketing Specialist

Lucy Martin is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Phaser and is from St. Francis Minnesota. She will be getting a degree in marketing and entrepreneurship. When the weather is warm Lucy enjoys spending her time wake surfing on the lake!

“My favorite part about working at Phaser is being able to help small businesses grow by doing something I love!”

Phaser Marketing Team member Stevan who is a web designer and helps build websites for construction companies

Stevan Miljkovic

Web and Graphic Designer

Stevan is a Digital designer at Phaser marketing with his base in Belgrade, Serbia. He got his Masters degree in Architecture, but because of his love for visual and information technologies, he decided to pursue professional fulfilment in Web, Graphic and 3D design. Huge manga nerd that enjoys spending any free moment he has with his family.

“Working with Phaser has given me an opportunity to work on a variety of different projects, and more importantly, see the happy faces of our clients.”


Ann Hajostek

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ann is from Minnesota and graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Psychology. In her free time you can find Ann spending time outside, exercising, or hanging out with friends and family!

“At Phaser Marketing I am able to create content with a great group of people, help businesses grow, and continue developing my skills that I am passionate about.”

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Gabriel Goorsky

Chief Financial Officer

Gabriel oversees all things accounting at Phaser Marketing. He is the founder and president of Resolute Accounting, which provides bookkeeping and tax services to business owners throughout the country. Gabriel received his Degree in Accounting from Creighton University and currently resides in St. Paul, MN with his wife Bre and their daughter.

“Working with Luke and the Phaser team is motivating and rewarding. Their desire to help businesses and provide quality work is contagious” 

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