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Phaser friday

Sorry, as of 5/20 this giveaway is closed.

Congratulations Malia, we hope you enjoy your free 1 year subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud!!!

More About Rafael & Buildxmedia

BuildXMedia is a Digital Agency for the Construction Companies of the Future. Our mission is to inspire the building of the future.

Our Three Pillars:

– Plug and play media & marketing department for today’s fast moving market.

– Technology adaptation and automation to new management and communication technologies.

– Awakening Company Consciousness and Culture development. (HR)

Build Smarter, Not Harder.

Innovation in construction really inspired me. I’ve always been a “techy” guy, so I started-up my first company trying to find innovative solutions for the construction industry through tech, mainly to make my job at the time easier (we built the first construction marketplace for contractors in Mexico – – no longer running).

And obviously credit where credit is due, seeing someone my exact age (Aaron Witt) awakening a whole industry really motivated me to make the construction world a better place from my trench.

It’s on us “youngsters” and young business owners to re-form and build the industry we all want.

I believe happiness and fulfillment do not come from pleasure but from meaning, and the pursuit of noble purposes.

So find your meaning and your purpose! First from a personal level, and then try to allign your personal purpose to your business, at the end your business should be a vehicle to your vision and your personal purposes.

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