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Having a physical planner is key! Without it I get so lost. My go to planner brand is Papier – all planners are customizable! Color coding all notes and to do lists helps to assign items with higher priority.

Put yourself out there – I know everyone says it but this is key! Here are my top tips…
1. Introduce yourself to anyone and everyone. Everyone you meet has something of value to offer 🙂
2. Try… fail … and try again. You won’t learn from being perfect. Failure will help build you the most!
3. Dabble in a bunch of different fields of business. Don’t set your scopes on just 1 thing – you’ll find what you truly love this way and what you maybe don’t love so much…

Time Management! Everything to do with projects priorities and how to track them. The Eisenhower Matrix has been a key part of my organization. For those who are not familiar, it differentiates activities in order of priority as long-term and short-term ones. To develop time management skills, it is key to understand what needs our attention or does not need it (DELEGATE IT), what needs immediate prioritization to avoid any trouble (DO IT), what might be considered superfluous (DELETE IT), and, also, what should be kept in mind to meet our goals (PLAN IT). I highly recommend looking into the Eisenhower Matrix for anyone who wants to improve their time management skills!

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