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More About ashton & Komatsu australia

Komatsu is a machine manufacturer. I am a demonstrator/ trainer for the construction/ utility devision for my state. I work with the sales team in my state to attend all the deliveries of machines over 13t. At the machine deliveries, I perform operator familiarisation for that machine with the operators and or customer. It is totally up to the sales person and client if they would like me to attend. Typically bigger companies and government entities it is a requirement for me to attend. I have done handovers for machines as small as a PC18 and as big as WA600,D375,PC850.

We are world wide with the HQ in Japan and my office is located in Fairfield, Australia!

I love teaching people and I love showing people all the new/ cool things that are out there. I’ve been in that position of not knowing anything and having to figure out it myself, it sucks. If I can teach or show someone a easier way, I will.

If you’re young enough to do an apprenticeship with a manufacturer, I highly recommend it. In Australia, we have an apprenticeship program that runs every year and are always looking for new recruits. Companies like mine definitely prefer to hire within and after enough time and experience you can move up through the company.

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