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More About Walker, Davis, & Laying Foundations

Business: Our podcast is aimed to equip the next generation of builders to lead change. What we do: We bring on top construction industry guests that share their path into our industry as well as advice to help the younger generation.

We have recently decided to venture out into digital marketing for MEP companies that are seeking a long term relationship. If you know of anyone who is willing to hand us the keys to marketing their company, let us know!

Homebase is in Birmingham, although Walker lives in ATL & Davis lives in Charlotte.

We started the podcast after spending time over a meal together. We believe that there is a better way to build. So many companies make a profit and treat their employees as expendable. We want to show with each conversation that there is a better way to invest in the next generation, and a better way to build.

The podcast has inspired us to continue to develop content that is applicable for our audience. We are currently in the idea stage of developing an app, online coursework, and books. It is exciting to think about the opportunity to serve our audience over the next year.

Get started, too many people make business complicated and scare others out of it because they are stuck in the analysis paralysis mindset. Find something you are passionate about that you would do for nothing, hone your skills (sweet spot), and find out how you can make a profit.

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