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Featuring: Jimmy Slagle, Co-Founder & CEO of Trend Z Team

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More About Jimmy & Trend Z

“We are a TikTok marketing agency! We help brands grow their TikTok pages organically and through paid ads & influencer marketing. Ideal customers are DTC brands that do anywhere from $5-40M in revenue. Our biggest strength is our age & knowledge of trends. Our median age is 21 years old, we are lean and quick, and can turn videos around in less than 4 days.”

“A couple things – #1 is impact. I just didn’t feel fulfilled working at a large corporation and wanted to make a difference in our world and community. #2 Is I honestly think that this is my calling from God. Just the way I operate and work. I get so excited and passionate about entrepreneurship that it feels like it’s meant to be. #3 Gary Vee. I gotta throw this plug in for the LinkedIn challenge.”

“AUTOMATE EVERYTHING! People vastly underestimate the power of Fiverr & UpWork.”


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