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Ep. 130: Getting Ahead of the Trends in Construction with Luke Payne and Luke Eggebraaten

Perspectives from construction business owners, heavy construction equipment experts and construction technology providers.

Building Builders Podcast

S1 E4: Helping Contractors Limit Their Mistakes For Improved Success

The Building Builders Podcast is hosted by Kevin Forestell out of  Ontario, Canada. Kevin is the Co-Founder of DOZR, an online aggregate of heavy equipment rentals across North America. 

Luke Payne and Luke Eggebraaten join Kevin as guests on this electric episode! Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

EdTech Marketing

Mateo Elvria

If you’re an EdTech organization struggling with how to leverage the power of digital marketing, then sign up for this weekly podcast that aims to help. Week by week, our featured guest will share their top tips that you can put into action today. Topics covered include Industry insights, social media marketing lead generation, storytelling, and more!

Built with Billd

Christopher Doyle and Jesse Weissburg

Built with Billd was started to help contractors navigate the uncertainties of construction payment cycles and provide tips and tricks for growth and sustainability.
We believe success in the construction industry is about managing cash flow, maintaining strong relationships, and leveraging the latest technologies.

Sweat & Grime

Diesel and Iron

Bryan, Rick, and Matt sit and discuss a variety of topics loosely based around the skilled trades.
As guys that currently work in the skilled trades, we do our best to ask semi-intelligent questions to our guests to satisfy our curiosities about what they do.
From business advice to glimpses into different industries, we try to cover a broad variety of topics to keep you entertained during your workday.

Dirt Bags

Luke Eggebraaten and Luke Payne

A construction podcast hosted by a couple of Dirt Bags that are trying to bring value to the industry. The Dirt Bags podcast is structured as an “organized but laid back” podcast where we can have a great time with a couple of glasses of whiskey, but also deliver exceptional resources, advice, content, perspectives, and knowledge. The podcast is hosted by Luke Eggebraaten and Luke Payne. Luke & Luke. Ya can’t mix that up.

Phaser Fundraiser

Black Tie Gala

The annual gala is hosted in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. In 2022, a total of $20,000 was fundraised and donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Detroit Lakes. 

Luke Big Check

Turf Wars Racing

Drag Racing Event

Held in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota and hosted by Jake Sherbrooke, Hunter Walz, Jenna Walz, and Luke Eggebraaten.