Phaser Marketing

The Digital Dirt World Book is now LIVE on Amazon!

This book is written for about 1% of people. We’re taking a deep dive into the fundamentals of digital marketing for construction companies. These words are for the owner that wants to learn before investing into a digital marketing agency. This is for the construction management student that wants to understand how to market a construction company. I’m writing to the innovative and curious 63-year-old septic company president, who inherited the business from his great-grandfather and is motivated to keep it running and well-branded for future generations. You get the picture. This book is meant to be a tool for the construction industry to gain foundational knowledge of developing a digital marketing strategy.

Before we break ground, I want to take a step back and introduce myself and explain how I ended up writing this book in the first place. My name is Luke Eggebraaten, in 2019, I started my own digital marketing agency called Phaser Marketing. It has evolved over the years to offer digital marketing services to the construction industry ONLY. Niching down into construction has helped our team dial in our systems and processes so that we can add maximum value when working with our clients. We don’t have the distractions of learning a new industry every time we bring on a new client and that has really helped us go vertical in with our business and work with construction companies all across North America. We have also developed additional companies and platforms to cast a wider net and bring more resources into the industry. I started a sister company, Dirt Work Marketing, am the co-host of the Dirt Bags Podcast, and am a partner in the drag racing company Turf Wars Racing

The Digital Dirt World is now live on Amazon! Go grab your copy and let me know what you think. Let’s Go!