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Ready To Take Your Construction Company To The Next Level?

Phaser Marketing offers a full service digital marketing team to drastically improve your presence online. We take care of the things you should be doing to tell your story and have a well-rounded business. We know you may have enough business already, but adding us to your team will attract new laborers, showcase your business and craft, and inject some fuel into your thriving business. 

It’s all about you. So before we do anything, we start with a detailed assessment of where your business is currently at.  From there we develop a digital strategy to identify goals and how we will achieve them!

Our marketing services are wide-ranging but don’t worry, we will put this together for you in a customized program to give you exactly what you need. We make sure your business has the marketing resources you need, without you having to ask for them.

Our Digital Marketing Programs

Our newest Phase One program allows us to work with the 6 figure companies that want to start taking care of their business online, but don’t have a ton of extra cash. Phase One helps you get your feet wet with digital marketing before diving head first into a world that you may not understand. This program includes the design and development of your brand new website, ongoing hosting, management, and security updates, and most importantly it includes our Phase One SEO Program. If we were to just give you your website and have no ongoing plan or SEO, it’s like giving you a Ferrari with no gas. It’s very important that you continue to build your online presence and authority with Google so that you start ranking for keywords, gain organic to your site, and build a more sustainable business! If you are a construction company doing 6 figures in revenue, book a call today.

Our Phase Two program has always been our bread and butter. This is where we get to work with excavation companies that are doing in between 1-10M in yearly revenue. We have always worked with 7 Figure contractors and are at our best in this space. Typically at this size, these companies may have 1 or 2 in-house staff that handle ALL of the marketing. We come in and supplement the current team by taking the digital marketing off of their plate. We become an extension of your team and essentially provide you with an entire digital marketing department that only works with companies just like you, all across the US. Phase Two is much more hands on than Phase One as we assign you a dedicated account manager, full graphic design team, paid ads team, and more. Our Phase Two partners have stability and are looking to take their business more seriously and really take it up a notch with their online presence. If this speaks to exactly where you’re at, schedule a call with us to learn more! 

Phase Three is reserved for companies doing 10-100M in yearly revenue. As we’ve grown, we realized that our partnership and services are effective in this range. Our niche focus of only working with construction companies can give us a leg-up and an advantage for these bigger companies. They care about results, but they want to work with an agency that knows the difference between a dozer and an excavator. An agency that has construction data from other contractors across the country. This ends up being a great long-term partnership where our businesses grow together, our interests are aligned, we’re already going to the same trade shows, listening to the same podcasts, and staying dialed in with the construction industry. We will create a custom digital marketing plan in this phase because we want to make sure that we are solving the right problems and adding maximum value for you and your team. Let’s get it done! 8 figure construction companies, book your call here. Let’s go!!!

"Luke and the team at phaser marketing have been awesome to deal with. We partnered with them to help us build our brand at Beeman Excavating and develop a better website. We have been very happy with their response time, and everyone we have felt with there is very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!"
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Cody Beeman
Vice President