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Luke Eggebraaten smiling at the lake wearing a tie in Minnesota

The Start of Phaser

On October 24, 2019, Luke Eggebraaten brought Phaser Marketing to life. It started off with something simple: a problem. Luke noticed a problem in today’s small businesses, and he wanted to build the solution. It’s time to go about starting a digital marketing agency. These small businesses were great at what they did, but did not have the time or experience to develop and execute a complete marketing strategy. He also realized that small businesses typically can’t afford to hire a full marketing team in house.

Luke - Phaser Graphic

Phaser Marketing is an all-in-one marketing team that covers Social Media, Graphic Design, Web Design, SEO, Marketing Strategy, Analytics, Digital Ads, and much more. We cover all of the bases so that you don’t have to. Our number one goal is to grow your brand while keeping it as simple as possible for you.

At Phaser Marketing, it isn’t the average agency to client relationship. It is a partnership. Looking into the future, Phaser Marketing has the team in place to expand to not only the United States but also business in other countries around the world. Luke and the Phaser team are very passionate about creating the best marketing plan possible for small companies to see growth and success.

Boys & Girls Club - Updated

In the first year there have been a lot of milestones met and goals achieved. One of the most rewarding so far being the Phaser fundraiser, which raised over $6,150 for the DL Boys and Girls Club. Luke has set the bar high for the 2021 fundraiser, looking to generate $25,000 at the event which will be held in Detroit Lakes next summer. The receiving organization will be announced early next year!

The Start of Phaser

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