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Winter Turf Wars Flyer

Turf Wars Racing to Host Winter Turf Wars in Cormorant, MN

Winter Turf Wars | Located at the Sherbrooke Turf near Cormorant, MN | 12/18/21

2021 Turf Wars Racing from their Instagram page

On December 18th, 2021, Turf Wars Racing will host their first-ever WINTER TURF WARS!

It’s already exciting that Turf Wars hosts their summer event each year on the first Saturday of June. The racing company, based out of Cormorant, MN, has announced that they will be hosting a Winter Turf Wars on December 18th, 2021. This event is open to all ages to race, spectate, or simply just enjoy some warm chili, hot chocolate, and racing with family and friends. 

Turf Wars Racing Summer Event in 2019 | Sherbrooke Turf | Located near Cormorant, MN

2019 Turf Wars Racing from their Facebook page

With people like you supporting Turf Wars, they can continue to expand their events. On Saturday, December 18th, doors open at 6:30 AM for registration (great for those early birds out there!). The racing event starts at 10 AM, located at the Sherbrooke Turf in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota. Click here for more information about the types of racing they will host, types of vehicles and bikes allowed, and pricing. If you would like to sponsor this awesome event, they’re taking applications! Just click here and fill out their form.

Turf Wars Racing | Winter Turf Wars | 12.18.21

Every year, as Turf Wars expands, it has been a fun learning experience for everyone involved. The community is incredible by providing support and strong friendships. Whether you will be in the race or cheering on the sidelines, we hope to see you there! Our Phaser Marketing team will be out there supporting Turf Wars in every way we can (Even if it means beating everyone in the open mod class). 

Questions about Turf Wars? Contact them through their email 

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